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4 harness loom for sale
46" wide; 40" wide work space
We also have a warping board, a yarn winder, lots of shuttles, weaving books, a bench and many more accessories.
Price: $500
Anne Schroder
Sebastopol, CA


(posted September 2017)

Hand-crafted about 40 years ago:
48-inch 4 harness maple floor loom with 6 treadles

FREE: I would like to give my wife's loom to a good home.

I purchased this loom about 35 years ago from an artisan in Los Angeles for my wife’s birthday. He had lovingly hand-crafted it for his own wife who was a lifelong weaver.

The loom is currently disassembled and has been in storage. Wood is in good shape but needs cleaning; the heddles are rusted but can easily be replaced. 

Contact Tom Silberkleit at tsilber@napanet.net


(posted August 2017)

Schacht Spinning WheelSchacht Single Treadle Spinning Wheel

Wood: Maple and Black Walnut

Width 19 1/2"
Height 32 3/4”
Depth 16 1/2”
Weight 16 lbs.

It has rubber wheels for easy transport, and comes with assorted, bobbins and whorls. Instruction book included.

Asking $500 or best offer.

Contact: Georgianna at georgiechess@gmail.com


(posted August 2017)

floor loomLillstina 36” Folding Floor Loom

Counterbalance, 4 Harness, 6 Treadle

Includes: string heddles, a few shuttles, lease sticks, reed (10dent), warping board.


Contact: Dianna at 707-590-3554


(posted June 2017)

table loomLeclerc Table Loom

I'm moving and have enjoyed weaving with Marta Shannon a few years ago using this gem of a table loom. Great condition and has all the pieces, 4 shaft, 12" dent, 15" Le Clerc table loom.

Asking $250 (new price is $680)

Loads of photos online of similar ones if this doesn't satisfy. Loom currently in SF but I'm happy to arrange a time/meeting place when I'm back up in Petaluma periodically during the transition.

Contact: Susan Topf
p: 707 / 636 - 4436
e: susan@buildyourpeace.com


(posted June 2017)

I would like to sell my JMade four harness, 24” table loom. I have had it for about 40 years and haven’t used it for 30. It is in very good condition. I would like $275.00 for it.

Lisle Lee




(posted May 2017)

Gilmore loomGilmore 40-inch 8 harness maple floor loom, in excellent condition.

I am asking $2000 for it. I also have a Gilmore bench for $150. (New, the loom costs $3,371 and the bench $387.)

Information on the manufacturer's website: http://www.gilmorelooms.com/MapleFloor.html

Contact Del Raby at delbert@sonic.net


(posted April 2017)