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Gilmore Loom For Sale: $500

Jack floor loom in good condition. Made and bought in 1975. Maple wood. Includes a bench. (I am no longer weaving.)

46” width, 34” depth, 4 harnesses, 6 treadles

Equipment also available: Everything you need to start weaving! Warping frame, Shuttles, Lease sticks, Umbrella swift, Sleying hook, Bobbin winder, Bobbins, and more

Contact: Joy at 510-526-2266

Berkeley, CA 94707


(Posted 12/4/19)

For Sale: Squirrel Cage Swift

Price: $100

I based this piece of yarn handling equipment on an old squirrel cage swift owned by my mentor. Collaborating with a woodworker, I produced this tool a decade ago. I am now clearing out the remaining swifts in my inventory. Original price was $200. I am selling the swift for cost. Pick up from my Sebastopol, CA studio.

  • Hard rock maple
  • Sturdy construction means you won’t break the tool with large skeins.
  • Cage width: 9”
  • Height: 60”
  • Base 21.5” x 21.5”
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • The adjustable bottom cage allows for skeins 2 feet to 2 1/2 yard long.

Included: Swift comes unassembled with detailed instructions and the hardware:

  1. attach 4 feet with 16 screws
  2. assemble 2 cages
  3. apply your own oil or varnish finish

Contact: Nadine Sanders at shoestringlady@gmail.com or mobile: 360.740.0914


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(posted 10/22/19)

For sale: 40" 16-shaft AVL mechanical dobby loom

Includes bench, lots of dobby bars, and flying shuttle attachments.

Price: $3500

Contact: Mary Ann Parker at maparker0116@gmail.com


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(posted 9/19/19)

8 harness loom for sale

For Sale: 8 Harness Oak Jack Loom

45” weaving space

60’ x 54” x 76” (tall)

$1,000 (very negotiable)

Delivery and Assembly included in Price!

This is an exceptionally beautiful and well-made loom, one of several built by George. It carries a life-time guarantee (that’s George’s lifetime).


Contact George Weiner: 707-486-7770 or gjweiner36@gmail.com, or email Ellen LaBruce, elabruce@sonic.net


(posted 9/14/19)

For sale: Gilmore 4 Harness Floor Loom

Price: $2500

6 Treadles
1 loom
1 Bench
All the tools and accoutrements
2 Warping Boards, one new and assembled, one disassembled and old.

Location: Larkspur, CA

Contact: Sarah Grierson-Dale <sarahgdale@gmail.com>


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(posted 6/28/19)

For sale: Virginia City Comstock Antique Weaving Loom

Price: $600 OBO

Antique weaving loom. I recently purchased another loom, and must part with this one. 44 inches weaving area, 4 harness, 6 pedal. It has metal heddles and 1 extra reed. I purchased it in the 90s from the (Harrison) family of a woman that died in the early 1950s. She was an original settler of the Virginia City Comstock, and this was the loom she used a majority of her life. There used to be photos of her in a local museum, but the photos have been moved to storage and the museum is unsure if they are still available. This loom is solid wood and has all original parts, except for a couple of carriage bolts. It is a beautiful piece for weaving use or an antique. I can include a shuttle if needed.

Location: Reno, NV

Contact: Lori Wilson at 775-221-3016 (call or text), or email nvscoutmom@gmail.com


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(posted 5/29/19)

For Sale: Lillstina Swedish floor loom

I have had this loom since the 1970s and have recently purchased a larger floor loom. It is a 6 pedal, 4 harness 42-inch loom. It has one reed. I have it currently warped for ideas. The nice feature of a Lillstina is its size and ability to fold while warped. This loom is compact but has the ability to weave rugs if desired.

Price: $300

Location: Reno, NV

Contact: Lori Wilson at 775-221-3016 (call or text), or email nvscoutmom@gmail.com


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(posted 5/29/19)

Solid Eastern Rock Maple Jack Loom for Sale
8 harnesses, 14 treadles, weaves 46” wide

Includes: rattle, 2 stainless reeds (6, 10), stainless heddles, sectional warp beam, Gilmore loom bench with drawer, warping sticks, 10 boat shuttles, 24 bobbins, bobbin winder, 7 additional shuttles, combs, hooks and warping board as well as
weaving books. Excellent condition! $1800.

Complete setup for home or studio, capable of weaving fine fabrics to wall hangings. Loom is 58” W x 44” deep x 38” H. May be disassembled for moving.

Suzanne McCulloch
Berkeley, CA


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(posted 4/4/19)

spinning wheel for sale

For Sale: Spinning Wheel 

Double drive Ashford type solid oak spinning wheel, with distaff for flax, extra bobbins; includes 1 yard niddy-noddy, swift, flat carders, small amount of fleece and roving. Excellent Condition! $500.

Suzanne McCulloch
Berkeley, CA


(posted 4/4/19)

WANTED: old j-hook heddle bar holders for 100-year-old loom

3¼" long with threads at end. Many people had them on older looms but they replaced them with the spring loaded screw. If you kept the old style and wish to sell I'd be interested in purchasing several.

Contact: Julie at 707-200-8469 (home) or 323-309-6644 (mobile), or email at jsergojan@yahoo.com


(re-posted 1/19/19)