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For Sale: 48” Sanjo Oak Jack Loom - $1200

48” weaving width, 8-shaft, 12 treadle Sanjo Oak Jack Loom with commuter bench.

Includes 5 stainless steel reeds (6, 8, 10, 12, and 15-dent/inch), raddle, lease sticks and warp sticks, etc and other wooden accoutrements.

Contact:  Debra Taylor   dtdvm@yahoo.com   530-795-1811


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(posted 5/24/22)

For Sale: Harrisville Rug Loom - $5500

4 Shafts, 8 Treadles

60” Weaving Width Countermarche Action

81”W x 72”L x 82”H

Weight: 550 lbs

Price includes the following:

  •   Peter Collingwood designed shaft-switching device with 114 levers
  •   2 Lease sticks, sectional warp beam
  •   18” warp extender/tension equalizer
  •   Reed:10epi
  •   Original manual (thin oninformation)
  •   Extra tie-up chain materials
  •   Bolt wrench tool
  •   Attached bench that is adjustable
  •   4 steel rods for additional weight tobeater if needed
  •   Dust apron
  •   4 additional shafts to use in place of shaft-switching device
  •   Dowels to hold shafts apart
  •   Worm gear cloth advance

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(posted 5/24/22)

For Sale: Le Clerc Gobelin 60” Loom - Was $1800 - Make a reasonable offer.

My weaving guild, Rogue Valley Handweavers, recently acquired the Gobelin tapestry loom of Nikos Mikalis, an accomplished Haute Couture weaver and later, of tapestry rugs, who passed away last fall. His family donated the loom and we will create a fund in his name for the education of our guild members.

LeClerc Gobelin, 60″, 2 shaft tapestry loom in excellent condition.  This loom has more than 800 metal heddles, 2 shafts, 2 treadles, and 3 reeds – 8 dent, 10 dent and 16 dents, all are 60″ reeds.  It has 4 apron rods, an overhead light fixture, an AVL tension box, 3 LeClerc stick shuttles, 7 large Pirns, 12 LeClerc tapestry bobbins, 3 tapestry scissors (2 left handed and 1 right handed), extra Texsolv tie ups, 1 homemade bench that is very, very rustic, 1 large metal rake, 1 wood handle LeClerc rake, and 1 metal rake (narrower and really cool because it is heavy).  Various chains, nuts and bolts.  Current price for the loom is around $7,000.  It was purchased new in the late 1990’s.  The height is 72″, the depth is 20″, and the width is 76″.  Buyer is responsible for taking possession (i.e. shipping or pick-up). Many more photos are available upon request.  Rogue River, OR.  Make a reasonable offer..

Thank you,

Lisa lkrebster@gmail.com

Pres. RVHG

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(posted 4/11/22)