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For Sale: AVL 48” Production Loom with CompuDobby - $4500

48” production loom 16 harnesses with the original black box dobby. I use the Fiberworks program on Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6

The loom has always been inside my studio.

Bottom swing beater
2-sectional beams 1/2 and 1 yard

auto advance 
air assisted dobby -- uses an air compressor 
tension box and track 
revolution counter 
selvage rollers 

Also included
large spool rack 
five reeds : #5 is (45”) The #8 is SS- #10-#12-#15 dent reeds are all 48"* 
seven 15” AVL end feed shuttles 
26 bobbins

Note: the weight system on the auto advance has to be operated manually. The metal spring inside the drum has been replaced but has never worked properly.  AVL has a new system now.

Price: $4500 or best offer

Located: in Larkspur


Dotti Day,  415 924-9436 or  415 308-5000 cell,    dottiday@comcast.net

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(posted 6/7/21)

For Sale: AVL Mechanical Dobby Loom, 40" weaving width, 16 Shafts - $3500

1/2 yard sectional warp beam, 1 inch sections, warp tension box, bobbin rack with 48 bobbins, raddle, bottom swing beater, built in bench, aprons, cloth storage system, 10 dent reed, many extra metal heddles, 90 dobby bars, hundreds of extra pegs.

It is in good condition, full functional - an excellent first dobby loom

Price: $3500

Located: Fort Bragg, CA

Contact:: Janice Sullivan jmstex@icloud.com

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(posted 6/1/21)

For Sale: Gilmore 32” Maple Floor Loom with Weaving Bench and Accessories

Used Gilmore maple floor loom in excellent condition. 32" true weaving width, 6 shafts, 10 treadles, treadle ties, beam ties. This model (6 shafts; 10 treadles) is no longer sold by Gilmore.

Great for someone just starting out, as the loom is rigged with a partially-completed scarf that needs to be finished and comes with a copy of "Learning to Weave" by Deborah Chandler.

This is a beautiful machine and a pleasure to weave with. It is a lovely piece to feature in your home. I am only selling it because I am no longer physically capable of using it.

Comes with accompanying bench, two Gilmore shuttles, 13 bobbins, a brand-new copy of "Learning to Weave" by Deborah Chandler, a fully rigged warp and partially completed weft, a tassel spinner, and a yarn hook.

Bench dimensions: 30" x 13.5" x 24".

Loom dimensions (44 1/4” x 35 1/4” x 37”) include the ratchet handle for ease of measuring a potential space.


Contact: Julie Hollaug, juliathollaug@gmail.com, 650 302 1827


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(posted 3/23/21)

For Sale: Ashford Spinning Wheel

Good condition.

A gift from my parents back in the mid 70’s, hardly used, wood not finished, bobbin holder/lazy kate included.

Located in West Sonoma County


Contact: Sherrie Althouse,  sherandj@comcast.net , 707 869-3930

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(posted 3/23/21)

Wanted: 24 Macomber Ad-a-Harness Big Mac Loom

I have been searching the used weaving equipment online sites for 24”Macomber Ad a Harness Big Mac loom for awhile and have not been able to locate one near Ventura County.

Is anyone interested in selling a 24” Macomber  Ad -a -harness Mac loom?

I have been searching the guilds in southern Ca. And now moving to the northern guilds.

Contact: Sandra Sizemore at ss252@bellsouth.net 


(posted 3/23/21)

For Sale: 5 3/4" Texsolv Heddles

I have 4 sets of 5 3/4 inch Texsolv heddles that I mistakenly purchased and would like to sell to anyone who could use them.

They have been cut apart so they will have to be installed individually rather than connected like the come, but have never been uses and are otherwise in like new condition. 

Original retail was $70 for all and I am asking $35 OBO. 

Contact: Laura Leipzig - lauracody15@gmail.com

(posted 2/25/21)

Free: Handcarders

Free to Good Home

Located in Livermore

Contact: Jo Johnson at ejoj@comcast.net

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(posted 2/25/21)

For Sale: 36" Harrisville Designs 4 Harness Loom

Good condition. 4 Harness - 4 Treddle

Located in West Sonoma County will deliver the loom anywhere in the Santa Rosa region, the Sacramento region, or anywhere in between. 

Best Offer

Contact: Maria at maria.onorato93@gmail.com, or call/text 707-583-3893.


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(posted 2/24/21)

For Sale: Fleece

JoAnn Slissman at Wyammy Ranch has wonderful coated show quality fleeces for you.

Since the wool shows all cancelled this year I still have lots of excellent Romney and Wensleydale fleeces.  Also washed, dyed. roving, and pin draft.

Call me for a private viewing.  I can also ship to you.

Contact: JoAnn Slissman (707 874-3374,  info@wyammyranch.com. 

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(posted 1/26/21)

For Sale: Wool Picker

This handy tool is useful for opening and separating raw fleeces as well as opening the fibers before Felting. Purchased on 3/18/14 for $595. This machine has a safety lock and is on a swing so need to grease it about once a year. Most useful tool I had when I was Felting.

Asking $595.00

Located in Sebastopol

Contact: Heidi Harris - (707) 322-251 - 1sisuheidi@gmail.com  

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(posted 1/26/21)

For Sale: Belfast West Felting machine (AKA: THE BEAST)

I purchased this from a mill in Winchester VA on 6/19/2013

I have been using this to make 3 ' x 3 ' panels. You just put down the batting, or wool, wet it down with Dawn and make sure it is completely soaked, then run it for 20 minutes.  Turn it, run it again, keep turning it and turning the piece over until it gets to the type of felt you want.  Usually one hour. I then use heat to get it really tight in the dryer. There are different ways to do the fulling of the felt. I can show you examples and you can come over and try it. There is a back up motor for the beast.

Cost was   $4,200

shipping     $1,511

new motor $2,000

ASKING $4,200.00

Located in Sebastopol

Contact: Heidi Harris - (707) 322-251 - 1sisuheidi@gmail.com 

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(posted 1/26/21)

For Sale: Pedro 48" Rollers

Purchased for $1,395.00 in 2014. This is a great machine for nuno felting.

ASKING $900.00

Located in Sebastopol

Contact: Heidi Harris - (707) 322-251 - 1sisuheidi@gmail.com

(posted 1/26/21)

For Sale: 45" Nilus LeClerc loom

Purchased new in 1970

They don't make em like they used...great shape and I am selling it with bench, reeds, heddles and shuttles. It just needs a little spiffing up

.$1800. Priced to sell! Woolery's price online is $2865 for the loom only.

Located in Sonoma

Contact: Cat Petru - catsvision7@gmail.com

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(posted 1/26/21)

For Sale: Burnham Fly Shuttle Loom

Burnham Fly Shuttle Loom 1970 One owner was $799  NOW $700 OBO


45" width of read and beater

4 Harness Counterbalance 

7' - 2 1/4" fly shuttle beater

5' - 3" Bench to warp wheel

6' - 6" height of loom

Also included are 4 fly shuttles, 2 hand shuttles & dozens of bobbins + yarn wind- er + bobbin winder + skein winder + yard- age counter + etc.

This loom comes with a book that will get you up to speed in no time. My father (Robert Yelland) who's loom this is will help you with any questions you have in getting set up. Loom has been in doors in one house from 1970. 

Loom located in Branscomb CA 95417- Loom can be delivered locally for a fee TBD on distance. 

Contact: robertwyelland@gmail.com 707-984-6080 and hello@tobinyelland.com 917-806-1001.  

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(posted 1/26/21)