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Harrisville Model 40 Loom - $450

Great floor loom/great price… It can make 40 in wide fabric and can be collapsed to take up less room than most looms this size.

Harrisville Collapsible Floor Loom 40” fabric [48” frame] 4 harness; 6 treadles; two reeds; reed hooks and extra heddles

Loom assembled by owner in 1982; used lightly and kept dry in our home area. Loom made of N. England rock maple


  • 3 boat shuttles [one double]
  • Bobbin winder w 10 bobbins
  • Oak warping board [pegs removable for storage]
  • 2 large baskets of wool / cotton cones [in cedar chips for protection]

Value of all $800+… yours for $450… let’s talk

Contact: Please call Goldie 415-250-5508

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(posted 10/28/20)

Glimakra Standard Counterbalance (1985) , 47 Inch (120cm) - $1500.

Be the next owner of this 4 shaft 47" Counterbalance loom.


  • Height adjustable bench
  • Approximately 270 Texsolve Heddles (recently Updated)
  • New tie up kit
  • 12 , 10 , and 8 dent reed
  • Ronja warping frame for back of loom
  • Raddle
  • Mallet
  • 32 inch wood temple
  • 20 warping sticks
  • Lease sticks
  • Nonskid rubber feet
  • Fabric protector board (front beam)
  • 3 books related to Swedish looms to get you started

I am the third owner.  This loom is in good working condition and I am using it now.  One lower lamm is worn but does not cause any issues. 

Pick up only.  (loom breaks down) - Pleasanton, CA

Contact: Vtvickers@gmail.com

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(posted 10/28/20)

40" Gilmore Loom

40 inch weaving width, four shafts, and 6 treadles.  It comes with a bench/with drawer, a 12 dent reed and a 10 dent reed, a shuttle and two rug shuttles and additional heddles and bobbins.  It has been upgraded with a Gilmore anti spin break.  I am asking $800.00.

Loom is in Cotati.  

Contact: Phyllis Mulligan (707) 544-7018. Phyllism@sonic.net (8/20)

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(posted 10/28/20)

30" 24 Harness AVL Compu-Dobby IV Loom For Sale

A-series PDL, 30”, 24 Harness with texsolv heddles, Compu-dobby IV, e-lift, single box fly-shuttle w/ one shuttle and two pirns, double warp beam, sectional warping track, magnetic revolution counter and tension box with reeds, cloth advance, 2 reeds, bench.


Extras included: warping board, spool rack and spools for sectional warping, Lenovo computer to run the compu-dobby, LED lights. 

Included with loom if you pick up.

I have all the original packing materials and boxes for loom parts but not the extras. 

Packing for shipping  (Shipping not included)


For Sale separately:  

AVL bobbin winder


End Feed hand shuttles: AVL and LeClerc, including end feed bobbins

$80 each 

Located in Fort Bragg CA

Contact: Adriane Nicolaisen, 707-813-1177,  adriane@mcn.org.  

(posted 10/20)

Free 40" Loom

I was the lucky recipient of a loom from the Christine M. collection last fall.  Unfortunately, it is not the loom for me, so I am ready to rehome it to another weaver. It is a 40" loom, possibly home-made and solid wood construction. I don't know much else about it, as it has never been set up. Please let me know if you're interested and would like to come by and take a look. I'm in the St. Francis area of Santa Rosa.  I am giving the loom away, but if you'd like to make a donation to the food bank or another local charity, that would be awesome!

I really want to re-house this loom by the end of November - Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.

Contact: Christy Helvajian, 707-548-3124,  christy.helvajian@gmail.com.   (9/20)

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(posted 10/20)

Fireside 4 Harness Jack Loom and Gilmore Bench - $1200

Nearly new Fireside loom and Gilmore bench, 48 in x 40 in, refurbished early 2000’s 

Worm tensioner, several dpi typical reeds also includes  2 AVI top loading shuttles & tensioners , Table warp winding frame , 2 skein winders & about 20 bobbins ,everything needed to start weaving minus the yarn  lightly used

Sold separately new this would be $3500 now everything for $1200

We have a truck and would consider delivering it to a new owner if the new owner is local and they had help hefting on their end. Please contact before 11/14/20 if interested.

Located in Graton

Contact: Penelope Butterfield,  (707) 480-9131, pendreamweaver@gmail.com

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(posted 10/20)