Creating Work That Sells – October 2019

A program with Lynn Noble • October 2, 2019

This program is intended to help RGFA guild members plan their creations for sale at our holiday boutique; the information provided will be useful for any retail environment.

Attention to:

  • Colors and styles (what are current color and fashion trends)
  • Suitable and popular materials for the item being created
  • Appropriate size and fit
  • Quality construction and finishing
  • Pricing for the marketplace (consideration for production time, materials cost, item category, commission)
  • Suggestions for information tags, displays and other merchandizing

Suggestions for what sells:

  • Using past sales volume as a guide
  • Considering what the market will bear
  • Luxurious clothing and accessories
  • Useful everyday times
  • Fun and unique items as gifts
  • Affordable stocking stuffers

About Lynn Noble:

My years as the owner of a fiber arts gallery in an upscale location was a rare experience. Choosing items for inclusion in the retail store, along with curating regular exhibitions in the gallery space gave me a unique perspective in the fundamentals of what to look for when selecting the work of prospective artists.

I plan to have examples to share in my presentation, and will be glad to answer any questions that our members may have about how to get the best results when offering their work for sale.

Lecture: Creating Work that Sells
October 2, 2019 at 11 am (during the Guild meeting)
Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa (map)
Non-guild members are welcome.

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scarf by Lynn Noble