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Albers, AnniAnni Albers on Weaving
Alderman, SharonA Handweavers Notebook
Alderman, SharonMastering Weave Structures
Allard, MaryRugmaking Techniques and Design
Allen, HeatherWeaving Contemporary Rag Rugs
Allen, Helen LouiseAmerican Handweaving
Amsden, CharlesNavajo Weaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsByways in Handweaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsRecipe Book: Patterns for Handweaving
Atwater, Mary MeigsShuttlecraft Book of American Weaving
Baines, PatriciaLinen Handspinning & Weaving
Baizeman, Suzanne, and Karen SearleLatin American Brocades: Explorations in Supplementary Weft Techniques
Baizeman, Suzanne, and Karen SearleFinishes in the Ethnic Tradition
Barrett, ClotildeShadow Weave and Corkscrew Weave
Barrett & SmithDouble Two-Tie Unit Weaves
Bateman, Wm.Boulevard, Chevron, and Combination Weave
Bateman, Wm.Multiple Tabby Weaves
Beard, Betty J.Fashions from the Loom
Beck, Dorothy, and Hazel ChaseHandwoven Embroidery Weaves
Bennett, Noel, and Tiana BighorseWorking with the Wool: How to Weave a Navajo Rug
Berte, Betty A.8-Harness Rosepath Patterns (computer generated)
Best, EleanorWeaves, A Design Handbook
Best of WeaversFabrics that go Bump
Best of WeaversHuck Lace
Beveridge, JuneWarp/Weft/Sett Reference Manual for Handweavers
Birrell, VerlaThe Textile Arts
Black, Mary E.The Key to Weaving
Black, Mary E.The Sett and Weave of Tartans
Blum, HermanThe Loom has a Brain
Blumenau, LiliCreative Design in Wall Hangings
Bogdonoff, NancyHandwoven Textiles of Early New England
Brackman, HollyThe Surface Designers Handbook
Bradley, SueAround the World in Eighty Sweaters
Bress, HeleneThe Weaving Book
Brostoff, LayaDouble Weave: Theory and Practice
Brown, Hariette J.Handweaving for Pleasure and Profit
Brown, RachaelWeaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book
Canada/U.S. TapestryPanorama of Tapestry–American Tapestry Alliance
Chamberlain & CrockettBeyond Weaving
Chandler, DeborahLearning to Weave, Revised Edition
Chetwind, HilaryThe Weaver’s Workbook
Christopher, F.J.Handloom Weaving
Collingwood, PeterRug Weaving Techniques
Collingwood, PeterBeyond the Basics
Collingwood, PeterThe Techniques of Rug Weaving
Collingwood, PeterThe Journal for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers (Summer 2009)
Creager, ClaraWeaving, A Creative Approach for Beginners
CUM Textile IndustriesCUM: Scandinavian Handweaving and Rya
Cyrus, UllaManual of Swedish Handweaving
Dalgaad, LotteMagical Materials to Weave
Daly, FionaWeaving on a Little Loom: Techniques, Patterns and Projects for Beginners
Davison, MargueriteA Handweaver’s Pattern Book
Davison, MargueriteA Handweaver’s Source Book
D’Harcourt, RaoulTextiles of Ancient Peru & Their Techniques
de Ruiter, EricaWeaving on 3 Shafts
Dixon, AnneThe Handweaver’s Pattern Directory
Drooper, PenelopeSamplers You Can Use
Duchemin, MadHandweaving–Introduction to Weaving
Eatough & Shelp, ed.Complex Weavers Greatest Hits
Ellis, CatherineWoven Shibori on 2, 3, and 4 Harnesses
Essen, DebEasy Weaving with Supplemental Warps: Overshot, Velvet, Shibori and More
Fannin, AllenHandloom Weaving Technology
Field, AnneThe Ashford Book of Weaving for the Four Shaft Loom
Field, AnneCollapse Weave: Creating Three-Dimensional Cloth
Frey, BertaDesigning and Drafting for Handweavers
Fry, LauraMagic in the Water: Wet Finishing Handwovens
Garrett, CayWarping All By Yourself
Geary, KayTextile Design Course for Weavers (2 & 3) Part 1
Gilby, MyriamFree Weaving
Graves, PattiNext Steps in Weaving, What You Never Knew You Needed to Know
Greenlaw, DebbyKrokbragd: How to Design & Weave
Hall, JoanneMexican Tapestry Weaving
Hamlyn, PaulTapestries from Egypt
Handwoven MagazineDesign Collection #18 –A Treasury of Towels
Harvey, NancyTapestry Fabrics for Fabric for Clothing
Heinrich, LindaMagic of Linen
Held, ShirleyWeaving–A Handbook of the Fiber Arts
Hochberg, BetteFiber Facts
Hoppe, Elisabeth, and Estine Östlund and Lisa MelénFree Weaving on Frame and Loom
Hoskins, NancyWeft Faced Pattern Weaves
Ignell, TinaFavorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave: 45 Stylish Designs for the Modern Home
Ingers, GertrudFlemish Weaving
Interweave PressDesign Collection #19: Scarves & Shawls for All Seasons
Interweave PressA Rug Weaver’s Source Book
Irwin, BobbieWeaving Iridescence: Color Play for the Handweaver
Jarvis, HelenWeaving a Traditional Coverlet
Jackson, Constance, and Judith PlowmanThe New Zealand Woolcraft Book
Justema, Willliam and DorisWeaving and Needlecraft Color Course
Keasbey, DoramayPattern Devices for Handweavers
Keasbey, DoramayPattern Techniques for Handweavers
Keasbey, DoramaySheer Delight–Handwoven Transparencies
Kerimov, LyatifFolk Designs from the Caucasus
Kirby, MaryDesigns on the Loom
Knisely, TomWeaving Rag Rugs
Krevitsky, Nik R. and Lois ErcsonShaped Weaving
Kroncke, GreteSimply Weaving
Kurtz, Carol S.Designing for Weaving: A Study Guide for Drafting, Design and Color
Lamb, SaraWoven Treasures, one-of-a-kind bags with folk weaving techniques
Landes, JohnA Book of Patterns for Handweaving
Laughlin, Mary E.More Than Four
LeClerc, RobertWarp & Weave
Lewis, Alfred AllanEverybody’s Weaving Book
Linder, Harry P.Techniques of Code Drafting: Lively Art of Personal Weaving Drafts
Lundback, MajaSmall Webs
Lundell, LailaRep Weave
Lundell, Laila, and Elisabeth WindesjoThe Big Book of Weaving: Handweaving in the Swedish Tradition
Marein, ShirleyCreating Rugs and Wall Hangings
McCall’sMcCall’s How to Weave It
Moore, JenniferDoubleweave – Revised and Expanded
Neher, EvelynFour-Harness Huck
Nye, Thelma M. (ed)Swedish Weaving
O’Connor, Paul R.A Twill of Your Choice
Oelsner, G. H.A Handbook of Weaves
Osterkamp, PeggyNew Guide to Weaving: How to Wind a Warp & Use a Paddle
Osterkamp, PeggyBook #2 Warping Your Loom & Tying on New Warps
Osterkamp, PeggyWeaving for Beginners
Overman, RuthContemporary Handweaving
Patrick, JaneThe Weaver’s Idea Book: Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom
Patrick, Jane, and Stephanie Flynn SokolovWoven Scarves: 26 Inspired Designs for the Rigid Heddle Loom
Pendleton, MaryOvershot Weave Series (Looming Arts reprints)
Pendleton, MaryNavajo & Hopi Weaving Techniques
Phillips, JanetDesigning Woven Fabrics
Plath, IonaHandweaver’s Pattern Book
Plath, IonaHandweaving
Powell, Marian1000 (+) Patterns in 4, 6, and 8 Harness Shadow Weaves
Pyysalo, MerusaloHandweaving Patterns from Finland
Rainey, SaritaWeaving Without a Loom
Regensteiner, ElseThe Art of Weaving
Regensteiner, ElseWeaver’s Study Course
Richards, AnnWeaving Textiles that Shape Themselves
Roth, Bettie G., and Chris SchulzHandbook of Timesaving Tables for Weavers, Spinners, Dyers
Rowe, Ann PollardWarp-Patterned Weaves of the Andes
Rowe, CohenHidden Threads of Peru: O’ero Textiles
Salander, MalinWeave a Weave: Project Pattern Book (Swedish)
Saltzman, Ellen LesisOvershot Weaving
Sanders, Nadine, and Joyce HarterTheme & Variations: More Weaving That Sings
Schorsch, AnitaThe Art of the Weaver
Seagroat, MargaretRug Weaving for Beginners
Searle, KarenMoorman Inlay Technique for Rigid Heddle Looms
Selander, MalinWeaving Patterns
Selby, MargoColor and Texture in Weaving, 150 Contemporary Designs
Shaeffer, ClaireFabric Sewing Guide
Silver, DeborahThe Technique of Split-Shed Weaving
Skjoldebrand, IngerliseThe Treasure Chest of Swedish Weaving
Snyder, MaryThe Crackle Weave
Snyder, MaryLace and Lacey Weaves
Stewart, DonaldThe Setts of the Scottish Tartans
Strickler, CarolA Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns
Strickler, Carol, and Barbara TaggartWeaving in Miniature
Stubenitsky, MarianDouble with a Twist
Stubenitsky, MarianWeaving Stubenitsky Code
Stubenitsky, MarianWeaving with Echo and Iris
Sullivan, Donna LeeWeaving Overshot
SunsetWeaving Techniques and Projects
Sutton, AnnThe Structure of Weaving
Swanson, KarenRigid Heddle Weaving Technique
Tallarovic, JoanneRep Weave and Beyond
Textile Museum JournalVolumes 34 & 35 1995-1996
Textile Museum JournalVolumes 34 & 35 1997
Thorpe, Heather G.A Handweaver’s Workbook
Tidball, HarrietThe Double Weave Plain and Patterned
Tidball, HarrietSummer & Winter & Other Two-Tie Unit Weaves
Tidball, HarrietThe Weaver’s Book
Tidball, HarrietWoolens and Tweed
Tidball, HarrietSurface Interest – Monograph 2
Tidball, HarrietSupplementary Warp Patterning – Monograph 17, 1966
Tod, Osma Gallinger, and Josephine Couch Del DeoDesigning and Making Handwoven Rugs
Tod, Osma GallingerThe Joy of Handweaving
Trotzig, Liz, and Astrid AxelsonWeaving Bands
Van Gelder, LydiaIkat
Van Gelder, LydiaIkat II
Van der Hoogt, M.The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers
Van der Hoogt, M.–Ed.Overshot is Hot! (from Best of Weavers)
Van der Hoogt, M.–Ed.Summer & Winter (from Best of Weavers)
Van der Hoogt, M.–Ed.Twill Thrills (from Best of Weavers)
Van der Hoogt, M.–Ed.The Magic of Double Weave (from Best of Weavers)
Vav MagazineWeaver’s Delight
Weavers Guild of BostonProcessing and Finishing Handwoven Textiles
Weavers' Guild of BostonInterlaced: …Celebrates 90 Years of Friendship and Education
Weavers' Guild of MinnesotaA Thread Through Time
Weigle, PalmyColor Exercises for the Weaver
Wertenberg, Katheryn8-12…..20  Introduction to Multi-Shaft Weaving
West, VirginiaFinishing Touches for the Handweaver
Will Cox, Donald J.New Design in Weaving
Wilson, JeanThe Pile Weaves
Wilson, JeanWeave With Style
Wilson, JeanWeaving You Can Use
Wilson, JeanSoumack Workbook
Wilson, JeanWeaving is Creative–The Weaver Controlled Weaves
Wilson, JeanWeaving You Can Wear
Wilson, SusanWeave Classic Crackle & More
Windeknecht, MargaretCreative Monk’s Belt
Windeknecht, MargaretPoint Twill with Color and Weave
Windeknecht, Margaret B.Rosepath: An Approach to Weaving Design
Worst, EdwardWeaving with Foot-Power Looms
Worst, EdwardFoot Treadle Loom Weaving
Yafa, StephenBig Cotton
Young, Helen DanielsStudy of the Relationship Between Borders & Patterns
Zielinski, Stanislaw A.Encyclopedia of Handweaving
Znamierowski, NellStep-By-Step Weaving


American Tapestry Alliance Panorama of Tapestry
Beutilich, TadekThe Technique of Woven Tapestry
BrostoffWeaving A Tapestry
Chandler, D. & othersTapestry, A Woven Narrative
Depas, SpencerMacrame, Weaving and Tapestry
Harvey, NancyThe Guide to Successful Tapestry Weaving
Harvey, NancyPatterns for Tapestry Weaving
Koppen, Maria BrekkeNorwegian Tapestry Weaving
Redman, JaneFrame Loom Weaving
Thomson, F.P.Tapestry–Mirror of History
Todd-Hooker, KatheShaped Tapestry
Todd-Hooker, Kathe, and Pat SparkSo Warped: Warping a Loom for Weaving Tapestry
Todd-Hooker, KatheTapestry 101
Harvey, NancyTapestry Weaving, Level 1        DVD/VIDEO
Harvey, NancyTapestry Weaving, Level 2        DVD/VIDEO


Allen, ElsiePomo Basketmaking: A Supreme Art for the Weaver
Barratt, Olivia EltonBasket Making: Classic Basket Making Techniques Modern Materials
Christopher, F. J.Basketry
Harvey, VirginiaThe Techniques of Basketry 
LaPlantz, ShereenTwill Basketry: A Handbook of Designs, Techniques and Styles
Meilach, Dona Z.Modern Approach to Basketry with Fiber and Grasses
Meilach, Dona Z, and Dee MenaghBasketry Today with Materials from Nature
Newman, SandraIndian Basket Weaving
Rossback, EdThe New Basketry
Stanli, SueBasketry
Tod, Osma GallingerEarth Basketry

Single & 2-element

Cahlander, AdeleSling Braiding of the Andes
Carey, Jacqui200 Braids to Twist, Knot, Loop or Weave
Chamberlain, Marcia, and Candace CrockettBeyond Weaving
Collingwood, PeterThe Techniques of Tablet Weaving
Crockett, CandaceCard Weaving
Dam, IngeTablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics
Damon, PhyllisEasy to do Weaving
Davenport, Betty LinnHands On Rigid Heddle Weaving
Davenport, Betty LinnTextures & Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom
Dendel, Ester WarnerThe Basic Book of Finger Weaving
Dendel, Ester WarnerThe Basic Book of Twining
Dendel, Ester WarnerNeedleweaving, Easy as Embroidery
Dixon, AnneThe Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory
Dryad HandicraftsTablet Weaving
Gray, HerbiLoom Card Weaving
Groff, Russell, E.Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving
James, CarolFingerweaving Untangled, A Beginner’s Guide
James, CarolSprang Unsprung
Kliot, Kaethe and JulesBobbin Lace
Kliot, Jules and KaetheThe Art of Netting
Leicester Tablet Weav.Leicester Tablet Weaving
Meilach, DonaMacrame: Creative Design in Knotting
Mullarkey, John, et alA Tablet Weaver’s Pattern Book
Nauman, Rose, and Raymond HullThe Off-Loom Weaving Book
Russell, ElfledOff-Loom Weaving
Skowronski, Hella, and Mary ReddySprang: Thread Twisting, A Creative Textile Technique
Smith, Joyce RonalsTaaniko Maori Hand Weaving
Snow, Margorie and WilliamTablet Weaving
Specht, Sally, and Sandra RawlingsCreating with Card Weaving
Taber, Barbara, and Marilyn AndersonBackstrap Weaving: Step-by-Step Techniques on One of the Oldest and Most Versatile Looms
Tacker, Harold aned SylviaBand Weaving
Tidball, HarrietWeaving Inkle Bands
Waddington, LaverneAndean Pebble Weave (backstrap weaving)
Waddington, LaverneAndean Pebble Weave on Inkle Looms: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginner Pick-up Weavers
Waddington, LaverneThe Eye Pattern Tubular Band and Other Decorative Finishing Techniques of the Peruvian and Bolivian Highlands
Waddington, LaverneWarp-faced Pick-up Patterns (backstrap weaving)
Wollny, ClaudiaTablets at Work: The Book of Basic Tablet Weaving Techniques

Spinning & Dyeing

Adrosko, Rita J.Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing
Adrosko, Rita J.Natural Dyes in the United States
Amos, Alden        Big Book of Handspinning
Amos, AldenSpinning Wheel Primer
Anderson, FayTie Dyeing and Batik
Battenfield, JackieIkat Technique
Bemiss, ElijahThe Dyer’s Companion
Bessette, Arleen and AlanThe Rainbow Beneath My Feet – A Mushroom Dyer’s Field Guide
Blumenthal, Betsy, and Kathryn KreiderHands on Dyeing
Bronson, J & REarly American Weaving and Dyeing
Brooklyn Botanical GardensDye Plants and Dyeing
Brooklyn Botanical GardensDye Plants & Dyeing–3 parts
Burgess, RebeccaHarvesting Color: How to Find Plants and Make Natural Dyes
Cannon, John and MargaretDye Plants & Dyeing
Casselman, Karen L.Craft of the Dyer: Colour from Plants and Lichens
Chadwick, EileenThe Craft of Handspinning
Colton, Mary-RussellHopi Dyes
Crockett, CandaceThe Complete Spinning Book
Davenport, Elsie G.Your Handspinning
Davidson, Mary F.The Dye Pot
Fereday, GwenNatural Dyes
Field, AnnThe Ashford Book of Spinning
Franquemont, AbbyRespect the Spindle
Furry, Margaret S., and Bess M. ViemontHome Dyeing with Natural Dyes (2 copies)
Gerber, FrederickCochineal and the Insect Dyes
Grae, IdaNature’s Colors: Dyes from Plants
Hersk, BernadetteThe ABC’s of Batik
Hochberg, BetteHandspinner’s Handbook
Horne, BeverlyFleece in Your Hands
Houston, DyesforthBatik
Jacobs, BettyGrowing Herbs and Plants for Dyeing
Johnston, AnnColor by Accident: Low-water Immersion Dyeing
Kahn, DeborahHandspun Project Book
Larson, Jack LenorThe Dyer’s Art
Lesch, AlmaVegetable Dyeing
Linder, Olive & HarryHand Spinning Cotton
Linder, Olive & HarryHand Spinning Flax
McCuin, Judith M.The Intentional Spinner
McRae, Bobbi A.Colors from Nature: Growing, Collecting & Using Natural Dyes
Menz, DebColor in Spinning
Menz, Deb Color Works: The Crafter’s Guide to Color
Miller, DorothyIndigo
Milner, AnnThe Ashford Book of Dyeing (rev. ed.)
Moller, ElfriedeShibori
Nash, DominieWarp Painting
Nea, SaraBatik
Nea, SaraTie Dye
Rice, Miriam, and Dorothy BeebeMushrooms for Color
Rice, Miriam and Dorothy BeebeeMushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments & Myco-Stix
Robson Deborah, and Carol EkariusThe Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook
Ross, MabelThe Encyclopedia of Hand Spinning
Roth, Bettie G., and Chris SchulzHandbook of Time Saving Tables for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers
Searle, Valerie, and Roberta ClaysonScreen Printing on Fabric
SiminoffThe Use of Color and Dyeing
Simmons, PaulaSpinning and Weaving with Wool
Stove, MargaretMerino: Spinning, Dyeing and Working
Straw into Gold ed.A Hundred and One Questions for Spinners
Svinicke, EuniceManual for Weavers (Step by Step Spinning & Dyeing)
Switzer, ChrisSpinning Llama & Alpaca
Thurstan, ViolettaThe Use of Vegetable Dyes
Thresh, R. C.Natural Dyeing
Van Gelder, LydiaIkat II (also under Weaving)
Varney, Diane    Spinning Designer Yarns
Wada, Yoshiko Iwamoto, Mary Kellogg Rice and Jane BartonShibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing – Tradition, Technique, Innovation
Wells, KateFabric Dyeing and Printing
Whipplinger, M.Color Trends

Knit, Crochet & Tat

Abbey, BarbaraThe Complete Book of Knitting
Amedro, GladysShetland Lace
Anderson, LeeYou Knit Unique
Bernard, WendyCustom Knits: Unleash Your Inner Designer with Top-Down and Improvisational Techniques
Bliss, DebbyTraditional Knitting from the Scottish and Irish Isles
Bortner, GwenEntrée to Entrelac: The Definitive Guide from a Biased Knitter
Bredewold, Ank, and Anneke PleiterThe Knitting Design Book
Brunette, CherylSweaters 101: How to Plan Sweaters that Fit… and Organize Your Knitting Life at the Same Time
Bush, NancyFolk Socks
Carrol, AmyThe Sweater Book: How to Knit Fifty Spectacular Sweaters…
Chin, Lily M.Couture Crochet Workshop: Mastering Fit, Fashion and Finesse
Christoffersson, Britt-MariePop Knitting: Bold Motifs Using Color & Stitch
Considine, SteveSonoma County Knitting Guild newsletter collection archive
Coss, MelindaFolk Knits
Danger, RebeccaThe Big Book of Knitted Monsters
Duncan, Ida RileyThe Complete Book of Progressive Knitting (1940)
Gibson-Roberts, Priscilla A., and Deborah RobsonKnitting in the Old Way: Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters
Elalouf, SionThe Knitting Architect
Epstein, NickyKnitting Beyond the Edge: Cuffs and Collars, Necklines, Corners & Edges, Closures
Epstein, NickyKnitting Never Felt Better: The Definitive Guide to Fabulous Felting
Epstein, NickyKnitting On the Edge: Ribs, Ruffles, Lace, Fringes, Flora, Points & Picots
Epstein, NickyKnitting Over the Edge: Unique Ribs, Cords, Appliqués, Colors, Nouveau
Falick, Melanie D.Knitting in America
Fassett, KaffeGlorious Colors: Sources of Inspiration for Knitting and Needlepoint, with 17 Projects
Fassett, KaffeGlorious Knits
Fassett, Kaffe, and Brandon MablyKnitting with the Color Guys: Inspiration, Ideas and Projects from the Kaffe Fassett Studio
Field, AnneDevore for Weavers & Knitters
Galeskas, BeverlyFelted Knits
Gibson-Roberts, Priscilla A.Ethnic Socks & Stockings: A Compendium of Eastern Design & Techniques
Goldstein, BarbaraAll Sweaters in Every Gauge
Hiatt, June HemmonsThe Principals of Knitting. Methods and Techniques of Hand Knitting
Jackson, Maggie, and Alexis Xenakis (photographer)Maggie’s Ireland: Designer Knits on Location
Kinzel, MarianneFirst Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Kinzel, MarianneSecond Book of Modern Lace Knitting
Knight, Erika (ed.)Cables & Arans: 250 Stitches to Knit
Knight, Erika (ed.)Knit & Purl: 250 Stitches to Knit
Knight, Erika (ed.)Lace & Eyelets: 250 Stitches to Knit
Kunnecke, KyleUrban Knit Collection
Leapman, MelissaKnitting the Perfect Fit: Essential Fully Fashioned Shaping Techniques for Designer Results
Lydon, Susan GordonThe Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice
McIver, SandraKnit, Swirl! Uniquely Flattering One Piece, One Seam Swirl Jackets
Meikle, MargaretCowichan Indian Knitting
Melville, SallySally Melville's Styles: A Unique and Elegant Approach to Your Yarn Collection
Michelson, Carmen, and Mary-Ann DavisThe Knitters Guide to Sweater Design
Mon TricotKnitting Encyclopedia: 1500 Patterns, Needles
Nava, MarinellaThe Book of Knitting: From Beginner to Expert
Newton, DeborahDesigning Knitwear
Nicholas, KirstinKnitting the New Classics: 60 Exquisite Sweaters from the Studios of Classic Elite
Nicholas, KirstinKnitting Today's Classics: 65 Beautiful Sweaters from the Studios of Classic Elite
Norbury, JamesTraditional Knitting Patterns from Scandinavia, the British Isles, France, Italy and other European Countries
Oberle, CherylFolk Shawls: 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World
Oberle, CherylFolk Vests: 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World
Pence, KatherineAnd a Time to Knit Stockings
Radford, LeighAlterknits: Imaginative Projects and Creativity Exercises
Righetti, MaggieKnitting in Plain English
Rowe, MaryKnitted Tams
Shuttlewood, Nina, and Janet BiggsDesigner Knitting for Handspun Yarn
Sowerby, JaneVictorian Lace Today
Square, VickiFolk Bags: 30 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World
Square, VickiFolk Hats: 32 Knitting Patterns & Tales from Around the World
Stanfield, Lesley150 Knitted Trims
Stanfield, LesleyThe New Knitting Stitch Library
Stanley, MontseReader's Digest Knitter's Handbook
Starmore, AliceAlice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting
Starmore, AliceSweaters for Men: 22 Designs from the Scottish Isles
Sterling, JeanCount Your Stitches
Stove, MargaretWrapped in Lace: Knitted Heirloom Designs from Around the World
Swanson, MegA Gathering of Lace
Swanson, MegMeg Swanson's Knitting: 30 Designs for Hand Knitting
Tapper, JoanShear Spirit: Ten Fiber Farms, Twenty Patterns, and Miles of Yarn
Walker, Barbara G.Mosaic Knitting
Waterman, MarthaTraditional Knitted Lace Shawls
Wiseman, Nancie M.The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques
Wright, MaryCornish Guernseys and Knit
Zilboorg, AnnaKnitting for Anarchists
Zimmermann, ElizabethKnitter's Almanac: Projects for Each Month of the Year
Zimmermann, ElizabethKnitting Without Tears
Zimmermann, ElizabethKnitting Workshop


Belgrave, AnneHow To Make Felt
Clay, LizNuno Nouveau: Fashionable Felt
Crowther-Smith, AlisonShibori Knitted Felt
Evers, IngeFelt-Making Techniques & Projects
Mayer, Anita LuveraHandwoven Clothing Felted to Wear
Schwab, NancyNuno Felting Tips and Tricks (2nd ed.)
Smith, SheilaFelt to Stitch–Creative Felting for Textile Artists
Vickrey, Anne EinsetNeedle Felting–Art Techniques & Projects


Alderman, Sharon D., and Kathryn WertenbergerHandwoven, Tailormade
Birren, Faber    Creative Color
Boalt, EirorVerv med tradisjoner (photos & drawdowns, in Scand.)
Budworth, GeoffreyThe Complete Book of Decorative Knots
Burgess, Rebecca, and Courtney WhiteFibershed: Growing a Movement of Farmers, Fashion Activists, and Makers for a New Textile Economy
Burnham, DorothyCut My Cote
Bustanoby, J. H.Principles of Color & Color Mixing
Brooklyn MuseumAnni Albers Drawings
Caron, Tenney & othersTapestry, A Woven Narrative–essays & photographs
Constantine, Mildred, and Jack LarsonThe Art Fabric: Mainstream
Cowan, Mary L.Introduction to Textiles
Dendel, Ester, W.Designing from Nature
deSausmarez, MauriceBasic Design: The Dynamics of Visual Form
Dubin, LoisHistory of Beads
Ericson, LoisBag Book
Ericson, Lois, and Diane FrodeDesign & Sew It Yourself
Fisch, Arline M.Textile Techniques in Metal
Fox, NancyPueblo Weaving and Textile Arts
Gordon, BeverlyFinal Steps–Traditional Methods & Contemporary
Hamlyn (publisher)Newnes Complete Needlework: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide
Heim, JudyNeedle Crafter’s Computer Companion
Hochberg, BetteReprints of Bette Hochberg’s Textile Articles
Host, MarilynnGourd Crafts for the First Time
Howard, ConstanceTextile Craft
Irwin, BobbieTwist & Twine: 18 Ideas for Rag Rugs & Home Decor
Irwin, BobbieTwined Rag Rugs
Jerstop, Karen, and Eva KöhlmarkThe Textile Design Book: Understanding and Creating Patterns Using Texture, Shape and Color
Johnson, JanDiscovery Book of Crafts
Jongeward, DavidWeaver of Worlds
Kerimov, LyatifFolk Designs from the Caucasus
Klein, BernatEye for Colour
Kliot, Jules and KaetheKumihimo: Techniques of Japanese Plaiting
Kolander, CherylA Silk Worker’s Notebook
Lambert, Staepelaere FryColor and Fiber
Lane, Rose WilderWoman’s Day Book of American Needlework
Larsen, Jack LenorA Weaver’s Memoir
Laury, Jean RayQuilts and Coverlets: A Contemporary Approach
Lewes, Klaris, and Helen HuttonRug Weaving
Marein, ShirleyCreating Rugs & Wall Hangings
Martin, CatherineKumihimo: Japanese Silk Braiding Techniques
Mayer, Anita LuveraArt with Fabric
Mayer, Anita LuveraClothing from the Hands that Weave
McQuiston, Don & DebraThe Woven Spirit of the Southwest
Messent, JanDesigning with Motifs and Borders
Morris, Walter, and Carol Karasik, Alfredo Martinez, Janet SchwartzA Textile Guide to the Highlands of Chiapas
Padrick, DeborahPainting with Dyes on Silk & Wool
Petty, MarilynThe Back Page
Posselt, E. A.Technology of Textile Design (Set of Two)
Priolo, Joan B.Designs and How to Use Them
Proctor, RichardThe Principles of Pattern
Puckett, Gail, and Marjorie GibersonPrimarily Patchwork
Righetti, MaggieUniversal Yarn Finder
Rogers, Nora, and Martha Stanley eds.In Celebration of the Curious Mind: A Festschrift to Honor Anne Blinks
Shaeffer, ClaireFabric Sewing Guide
Short, EirianIntroducing Quilting
Summit, GingerGourd Crafts: the Weekend Crafter
Stribling, Mary LouArt From Found Materials
Sunset BooksHow to Make Pillows
Textile Museum Journal, Vols. 19 & 20, Gauze Textiles & Looms
Thorpe, Azalea Stuart, and Jack Lenor LarsenElements of Weaving
Threads MagazineThe Best of Threads Garment Making Tips
Van Dommelen, David B.Decorative Wall Hangings
Von Rosenstiel, HeleneAmerican Rugs & Carpets
Wada, Yoshiko I.    Memory on Cloth: Shibori Now
Walsh, PennyThe Yarn Book
Welch, NancyTassels: The Fanciful Embellishment
West, VirginiaWeaver’s Wearables
Whipplinger, M.Color Trends
Wilkes, StephanyRaw Material: Working Wool in the West
Williams, GeraldTextiles of Oaxaca


Adelson, Laurie, and Bruce TakamiWeaving Traditions of Highland Bolivia
Adelson, Laurie, and Arthur TrachtAymara Weavings: Ceremonial Textiles of Colonial and 19th Century Bolivia
Angstadt, JacobDesigns Drawn from His Weavers Patron Book. By Ruth N. Holroyd and Ulrike Beck
Angstadt, JacobHis Weavers Patron Book. Replica of an 18 th -century manuscript book owned and reproduced by Ruth N. Holroyd, translated by Ulrike L. Beck
Barber Wayland, ElizabethWomen’s Work: The First 20,000 Years
Bonar, Eulalie (ed.) Woven by the Grandmothers: 19th Century Navajo Textiles
Burnham, Dorothy K.Unlike the Lilies: Doukhobor Textile Traditions in Canada (Royal Ontario Museum)
Butterfield & ButterfieldNative American, Pre Columbian, Spanish Colonial, and Tribal Works of Art, 1998
Butterfield & ButterfieldNative American, Pre Columbian, African, Oceanic and Other Tribal Works of Art, 1996
Channing, Marion L.The Textile Tools of Colonial Homes
Dartmouth CollegeTextiles of Oaxaca
Hamilton, Roy W. (editor)Gift of the Cotton Maiden: Textiles of Flores and the Solor Islands
Miller, Barbara, and M. WarrenThe Kilbarchan Project: Tracing Our Threads (Scotland)
Neutze de Rugg, CarmenDesigns in Guatemalan Textiles
Old Sturbridge VillageTextiles in New England
Reid, James W.Textile Masterpieces of Ancient Peru
Revault, JacquesDesigns & Patterns from North African Carpets & Textiles
Samuel, CherylThe Raven’s Tail (northwest Canada & US coastal people, woven garments)
Saunders, PeterTribal Visions–Marin Cultural Center/Textiles U.S.A. Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.
Thompson, Angela Textiles of Central and South America 
Volbach, Fritz W.Early Decorative Textiles
Walker, Sandra RamboCountry Cloth to Coverlets–Textile Traditions in 19th Century PA.
Weiss, JefferyRugs

DVDs and Videos

Alexander, KathrynSpinning Energized Yarns
AshfordSpinning and Weaving the Ashford Way
AshfordAshford Video of Spinning
Barrett, ClotildeDouble Weave 
Bryant, LauraA Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color
Casey, Maggie, and Eunny JangStart Spinning 
Casey, MaggieBig and Lofty Yarns
Chandler, DeborahBeginning 4-Harness Weaving
Collingwood, JasonRug Weaving–Block Weaves & Shaft Switching
Costello, SharonPainting with Wool  (needle, wet felting)
Crockett, CandaceFabric Painting on Silk & Cotton
Crockett, CandaceCard Weaving
Essen, DebWeaving with Supplemental Warp
Franquemont, Abby Drafting: the long and short of it
Freeman, Molly & Lamb, SaraWarp Painting plus Garment Design & Construction Tips
Gibson, LizSlots and Holes, 3 ways to warp your rigid heddle loom
Guy, SallieTips, Tricks & Problem Solvers for the Handweaver
Guy, SallieWarping and Loom Preparation
Harvey, NancyTapestry Weaving–Level I
Harvey, NancyTapestry Weaving–Level II
Harvey, NancyTapestry Techniques for Fabric for Clothing
Kennedy, NormanSpin Flax and Cotton
Kennedy, NormanFrom Wool to Waulking
Knisely, TomThe Loom Owner’s Companion, know your loom
Knisely, TomWeave a Good Rug
Knisely, TomThe Weaver’s Yarn Companion
Lamb, SaraSpin to Weave
Lamb, SaraSpinning Silk
La Lena, ConstanceWeave Drafting the Easy Way–I
La Lena, ConstanceWeave Drafting the Easy Way–II
Lowell National Hist. ParkWorkers Remember Work, Life in the Mills
Mackenzie, JudithThe Gentle Art of Plying–beyond singles
Mackenzie, JudithSpinning Exotic Fibers & Novelty Yarns
Mackenzie, JudithA Spinner’s Toolbox, six drafting techniques
Mayer, Anita LuveraCreative Cloth
Menz, DebFiber Dyeing: Immersion & Painting of Protein Fibers
Menz, DebFiber Preparation–Multicolor Blending Techniques
Menz, DebColor and Yarn Design for Spinners
Menz, DebColor Magic: Value & Harmony
Menz, DebDyeing in the Kitchen
Moore, Jennifer Double Weave Basics (2 disc set)
Moore, JenniferDouble Weave Pick-Up
Mullarkey, JohnTablet Weaving Made Easy
Musee de La SoieSoie in Cevennes (silk)
Neilson, RosalieWeaving Rep
Nisbet, JacquettaKumihimo: Japanese Braiding
Nisbet, JacquettaSupplementary Warp Patterning – Inkle Loom Techniques
Nisbet, JacquettaTubular Woven Finishes – Backstrap Loom Techniques
Osterkamp, PeggyWarping the Loom Back to Front
Owen, RodrickKumihimo: Japanese Braiding
Patrick, JaneInkle Weaving A to Z, the Basics and Beyond
Penfield, TracyBodywork for Weavers and Fiber Artists
Righetti, MaggieFinishing Hand Knits
Sanders, NadineWarping on a Shoestring (2 copies)
Vilate, Kathleen Mossman and PaulEndangered Threads Documentary
Spady, RobinTotally Twill: The Basics
Spady, RobinTotally Twill: Beyond the Basics
Spier, NadineBasket Weaving Essentials
Sullivan, DonnaColor Interaction for Handweavers
Totten, DianneWoven Shibori: Making Crimp Cloth
Totten, DianneWoven Shibori: Sewing with Crimp Cloth
Webster, Sandra BetzinaHandwoven & Quilted Garments
Willoughby, JanetThai Hilltribe Embroideries
Willoughby, JanetBackstrap Weaving: Traditional Weaving in Mexico, Guatemala
Willoughby, JanetThe Making of a Kilim
Van der Hoogt, MadelynBlock Weaves Designing & Weaving with Blocks
Van der Hoogt, MadelynHandwoven Fabric Structure and Pattern
Van der Hoogt, MadelynWeaving Overshot
Van der Hoogt, MadelynWeaving Lace
Van der Hoogt, MadelynWeaving Well (weave with confidence!)
Van der Hoogt, MadelynWarping your Loom
Van der Hoogt, Madelyn Weaving Deflected Doubleweave
Waddington, LaverneOperating a Backstrap Loom
Zawistoski, PatsySpinning Cotton, Silk, and Flax
Zawistoski, PatsySpinning & Plying Textured Yarns


Atwater, MaryShuttlecraft Guild Recipe Book
Beck, DorothyUpholstery Workshop
Bentley, MaryThe Summer and Winter Weave
Castro, MarcellaHGA Learning Exchange
Castro, MaryWeaving Record
Convergence 1996Swatch Exchange
Convergence 1990Swatch Swap
Convergence 1994Swatch Switch
Dye SamplesColor Blending
Frost, MaryWeaving Drafts with Samples 1 & 2
Frost, MaryHGA Learning Exchange
HGASample Kit and Slide Directory
HGALearning Exchange
HGA 1990Learning Exchange
Hickman, ElmerFabric Samples and Patterns
Inter-Mountain Weavers
Ignell, TinaFavorite Rag Rugs — Scandinavian Weaving Magazine
Loom Music
Mayer, Anita LuveraTraveling Weaver's Wardrobe
Northern California Textile Education Directory
Natural DyeSamples and Formulas
Pendleton, MaryLooming Arts 1 & 2
Redwood GuildNatural Dye Project 1985 — Books 1 & 2
Samples and Drafts
Selk, KarenSilken Kaleidoscope
Seminar Handouts

Guild Equipment

Floor LoomSchacht "Baby Wolf" 24 inch, 8 harness
Table Loom15 inches +, 4 harness
Table LoomMountain Loom 18 inches +, 8 harness
Ashford Wheel
Inkle Looms (2)

Rolhag Equipment*

Drum CarderDuncan
4-pitch CombsMeck
5-pitch CombsMeck
PickerMade by Buddhist Monks
*Owned by individuals on a "Share Basis"