Makers Fair – Jan 2018

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Program for January 3, 2018 Guild Meeting & Makers Fair!

Our own guild talent will be tapped for the Annual Guild Makers Fair.

There will be six different mini-workshops and three 45-minute sessions (plus a little time afterward to practice or get extra help from instructors who can stay.)

Check out the schedule and the class offerings:

Guild Meeting:
10am – 11am

Session 1:
11:00am – 11:45am

Lunch break:
11:45am – 12:15pm

Session 2:
12:15pm – 1pm

Session 3:
1pm – 1:45pm

Optional practice session:
1:45pm – 2:30pm

Illusion Knitting with Susan Reichardt
Illusion Knitting with Susan Reichardt
Illusion Knitting with Susan Reichardt
Illusion Knitting with Susan Reichardt
Weaving bags with Wendy Chavin
Weaving bags with Wendy Chavin


Rope Making with JoAnn Slissman
We’ll use a 4-hook rope machine to make lead ropes, leashes, belts, necklaces or tote bag handles. Bring your own yarn (firm is better than stretchy) and snaps if you want. Three people at a time will make one rope. Maximum 12 people.

Slentre Braiding with Lynn Noble
Slentre braiding is a very simple technique to create a variety of braid shapes and color combinations using your own 10 fingers and some yarn. Maximum of 12 in each session. All materials will be provided.

Illusion Knitting with Susan Reichardt
Learn how to knit a hidden picture. Only very basic knitting skills required, knits and purls from a chart. Materials will be provided.

Weaving bags with Wendy Chavin
Learn how to transform your plastic bags, (bread, potatoes, newspaper etc.), into strong, attractive shopping bags. Bring a pair of scissors, (not your good ones), and a few plastic bags.

Little Boxes with Georgianna Chess
Back by popular demand, Georgianna will teach you how to make little boxes from card stock or greeting cards. Bring: glue stick, pencil, straight edge (like a ruler or a bone folder), paper clips or binder clips, and scissors.

Monkey Fist Keychains with Jerry Gill
The Monkey Fist is a weighted nautical knot ideal for throwing, this diminutive version is for keychains. Bring scissors. Jerry will provide cord and small beads for the center of the knot.