Extreme Warp Makeover with Robyn Spady
Robyn Spady – November 2020

Robyn Spady was introduced to handweaving as baby with her handwoven baby blanket woven by her great-grandmother. Inspired by her blankie, she learned to weave at a young age and has been weaving for over 40 years. She completed HGA’s Certificate of Excellence (COE) in 2004 with the specialized study Loom-controlled Stitched Double Cloth. Robyn is fascinated by the infinite possibilities of crossing threads and loves coming up with new ideas to create fabric and transform it into something new and exciting. She is committed to turning the weaving world on to double-faced fabrics, four-shaft weaves, uncommon and advanced weave structures, and passementerie techniques. Robyn is also the founder and editor of Heddlecraft® magazine.

Lecture: Gizmos & Gadgets for Better Weaving (description below)
November 4 at 11:00am, during the guild meeting
Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa (map)
Non-Guild Members welcome.

Workshop: Extreme Warp Makeover (description below)
November 5-6, 2020
Cotati Community Center, 201 West Sierra Avenue, Cotati, in the Copeland Classroom (map)

Workshop for guild members: $180 plus $15 Materials fee
Workshop for non guild members: $215 plus $15 Materials fee

For more information contact, Linda Chaffin, lindachaffin2@me.com

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