Fiber cloth project
Nancy Duncan & Linda Hartig – May 2021

Lecture: Creative Journeys in a Difficult Year
May 5, 2021 at 11:00 AM (during the guild meeting)
Non-guild members are welcome
Online Zoom meeting

After the fires, the pandemic struck and Nancy Duncan was reminded of the illustrations done before the year 1,000, millennium, when they expected the world to end. Nancy was inspired to create a small book using illustrations that she’s always liked from that era.

Linda Hartig was inspired to use her time to weave a wall hanging based on a trip she and her husband, Bruce, took to Italy in 2019. Linda and Bruce collaborated to create a 17” X 60” pictorial weaving.

Join us to see and hear about Nancy and Linda’s creative journeys in a difficult year.

NANCY DUNCAN Nancy began weaving in 1978 in Houston. She was a member of the Houston Guild and then the Tamalpais Guild after moving to Marin. Nancy began weaving wall hangings about 25 years ago and that is still her main interest. Nancy no longer weaves wall hangings, but satisfies her art by weaving small notecards, bookmarks, coasters and books on her small laptop loom. Nancy joined the Redwood guild in 2002 and is moving to Santa Fe, where she is considering joining the Santa Fe guild. Nancy is going to miss the Redwood Guild of Fiber Arts, but will keep being involved as long as the meetings are held on Zoom.

LINDA HARTIG Linda has been weaving for over 10 years, but has much more time for this passion now that she has retired to Sebastopol. While her early training was in detailed pattern weaves, she is now branching out to colors, textures and representational works inspired by West County teachers Marta Shannon and Nadine Sanders.

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