Amelia Garripoli – November 2021

Amelia Garripoli has been spinning and weaving since 2001 when she purchased a house that came with 2 llamas, and has loved all the tools, critters, and fibers she’s met since. That led her to start AskTheBellwether, her blog, which early on focused on spindles and rare breeds, but soon branched out to many fiber arts. Amelia is a lifelong knitter/crocheter, so has always been into “yarn things”. She recently relocated from Washington to Colorado to help care for her parents, which she says has been a blast reconnecting with them!

Lecture: Spindle Tricks
November 3 at 11:00AM Pacific, during the guild meeting
Non-guild members are welcome
Online Zoom meeting.

Online Workshop: Learn to Spin on Spindles
Saturday November 6, 2021 – 9:00 AM – 12 PM Pacific

Workshop fee for guild members: $30.00
Workshop fee for non-guild members: $45.00

A Bellwether Spindle and wool roving kit is available for $15, and Amelia Garripoli’s book Productive Spindling is available for $18 until October 15 for those who signed up for this workshop. These will appear in your cart once you add the workshop fee. Amelia will send everything in one package to the organizer for distribution. There may be shipping costs if you cannot arrange a pick up.

$30.00$45.00 Select options
Colorful weaving yarns
Laura Roveda – October 2021

Lecture: Saori Weaving

October 6, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific during the guild meeting

Non-guild members are welcome

An online presentation via Zoom

Saori Weaving Learn about the philosophy that accompanies SAORI weaving, which is one of joy, creativity and improvisation.  SAORI philosophy is much more than just a weaving “style”.  It endeavors for each person to find the unique expression of their individual creativity and beauty that resides within each and every one of us.  The equipment and accessories that are designed for ease of use and maximum accessibility for all people, regardless of age, ability or previous experience illustrates this.   The objective is joyfulness and freedom.  No need or use for rigid rules or struggle. No rules, no mistakes!

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