It all started with an e-mail from Ellen LaBruce on 8/4/2021 to Lynn Noble, Sue Hayes, and Sheila O’Hara. The subject of the e-mail was a weaving question regarding directions for selvedge warp threads that Ellen had found in Anne Dixon’s 4-shaft weaving book.

We began sending around suggestions and thoughts on the matter. There were so many suggestions, that Sheila wrote:  “OK, fishing weights and paper clips and pill bottles if needed! I like it. Where’s the candlestick in the library?!”

Then Lynn wrote back: “Haha, candlestick.  We should come up with a weaver’s version of Clue!”

The whole nine yards were unraveled as the idea for a game for the Redwood Guild of Fiber Arts was getting sized up. Lynn, Sue, Ellen, and Sheila wove it all back together and then spun off a letter for entries. The 38 creative entries were tallied and prizes were drum-carded up. Lynn put together a colorful list of donated prizes. There are so many wonderful entries! We now have eight very happy Wannabe Authors with prizes!

See the winners and their prizes here.


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