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In the heartland of North Dakota, two dynamic women have embarked on an extraordinary journey through the world of fibers and felting. Meet Chris Armbrust and Teresa Perleberg, the creative minds behind Dakota Fiber Mill and Bear Creek Felting, who have woven their dreams into the fabric of Shepherd Industries, LLC, a place where woolly wonders come to life.Dakota Fiber Mill: Where Fiber Meets FantasySince its inception in 2010, Dakota Fiber Mill has been a sanctuary for all things fluffy and fabulous. Chris Armbrust, the mill’s visionary founder, has spun her magic with yarn and roving derived from a menagerie of animals, from sheep to alpacas, goats, camels, and even bison. But the real twist in this yarn tale came in 2017 when four engineering students from North Dakota State University joined forces with Chris, introducing a state-of-the-art felting machine. The result? All waste and short fibers transformed into an array of delightful products.Bear Creek Felting: Sculpting Dreams with WoolTeresa Perleberg, the force behind Bear Creek Felting, has been crafting 3D needle-felted sculptures since 2008. Her medium? The wool from her personal flock of sheep. But Teresa’s artistry doesn’t stop there. She has designed DIY Needle Felting Kits, complete with comprehensive instructions and all the materials budding felt artists need to unleash their creativity. In 2017, Teresa raised the bar again by launching the online Needle Felting Academy, offering enthusiasts a treasure trove of courses and personal guidance.Shepherd Industries, LLC: Where Dreams Find a Home


The most exciting chapter of this woolly tale began in 2018 when Chris and Teresa decided to join forces, forming Shepherd Industries, LLC. Their vision was grand, and they found the perfect home for it—the 100 year old abandoned Nome Schoolhouse. After 3 years of renovations this historic building now houses their respective businesses, along with a retail store showcasing their incredible products.But that’s not all; Shepherd Industries has become a hub for creativity. With classrooms for makers of all kinds, fiber animals on site (future Goal), a boutique hotel, and an in-house chef, it’s more than just a place of business—it’s a destination. Whether you’re planning a retreat, mill tours or just a relaxing getaway, Nome Schoolhouse has you covered.
The Nome Eweniversity Non-Profit: Educating and InspiringBut the story doesn’t end there. The Nome Eweniversity Non-Profit, also nestled within the school, is on a mission to provide a rural, inclusive, farm-to-needle experience. It’s an educational powerhouse that inspires future makers, artists, and growers, ensuring that the magic of wool lives on.Follow their captivating journey on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and EweTube, and you’ll quickly discover that Shepherd Industries, LLC, is not just a business—it’s a woolly wonderland where dreams are spun into reality.

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