Ruby Leslie – November 2018


(Price reflects fees for workshop/materials – workshop/materials plus optional membership)

Ruby Leslie is a full-time weaver and studio artist in northern Vermont, designing handwovens as Ruby Charuby Weavings. She has developed design techniques for creating stunning textiles that appear custom-dyed or hand-painted, while using off the shelf commercial yarns. Her experience designing swatches on a regular basis for Handwoven magazine’s ‘Color Forecast’ series, along with her deep-rooted enthusiasm for sampling and experimenting has led to the development of her classes. Ruby has taught above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway and Greenland, at Convergences, regional conferences and guilds throughout the US.

2 ½ Day Workshop on November 7, 8, and 9, 2018:
There Must Be 50 Ways to Weave Your Color…”


  • Guild members: $194
  • Non-members: $224
  • Materials fee: $95
  • Membership (optional): $35, $50 (family)

As of September 17th, the registration for this workshop is closed.

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Lecture on November 7, 2018 at 11:00 am:
Lost in Translation…or Why Color Theories Don’t Guarantee Good Cloth
Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa
Non-guild members are welcome

Ruby will share her extensive collection of samples for a production line of scarves, which document her evolving approach to color design. This progression led to the development of a practical approach to color theory as applied to weaving and a process for designing swatches for Handwoven magazine’s ‘Color Forecast’ series that is applicable for all fiber artists.

2 ½ Day Workshop on November 7, 8, and 9, 2018:
There Must Be 50 Ways to Weave Your Color…”

Weavers seduced by gorgeous colored yarns often fail to use them successfully. The usual approach to this problem is to learn color theory –– a huge and daunting undertaking. Learning terminology is NOT the equivalent of learning to use color well. What is needed is a method to translate color theory, terminology and yarn wrappings into actual weaving. You don’t need to master color theory to use color masterfully. Using one color palette and a myriad of weave structures, we’ll take a layman’s approach to color theory and the principles of optical blending for a facilitated, semi-scientific investigation of color design. Weaving in round-robin format on pre-warped looms (with custom-wound warps provided by Ruby), participants will explore the effect different fibers, yarn grists and structures have upon a single colorway. By weaving a color sampler at each loom, everyone will produce the equivalent of a case study in color and weave structure –– a reference tool for weavers to successfully integrate color and design into their cloth-making repertoire. This is an ideal workshop for weavers who feel lost designing with color and/or want to break out of their color comfort zones.

Class size:

  • Minimum: 13
  • Maximum: 20

Ability Level:

  • Beginner thru Advanced
  • Able to read and interpret a weaving draft and color order chart and successfully dress a loom.

Workshop fee: $194.00 (members) or $224 (non-members) plus $95.00 materials fee

Student Materials fee provides:

  • Warp yarns
    • Provided as a custom-wound warp, tailored to each participant’s loom and warping method
    • Warps are packaged with complete, easy to follow instructions for dressing the loom with a minimum of effort.
    • Note: This is the equivalent of a personalized warp kit, complete with full access to the instructor prior to the workshop.
  • Weft yarns
  • Workshop notebook (approx. 25 pages, with numerous color pages, drafts and bibliography)
  • Mailing costs for sending the warp to each participant 2–4 weeks in advance of workshop.

Students should bring:

Portable floor loom or table loom, 4 or 8 shafts. Note: half of the drafts require 8-shaft looms. A mix of floor and table looms is desirable to assign the full range of draft possibilities. Looms must be in good working condition, dressed with the pre-wound warp and be ready for weaving. No unusual equipment or materials are needed. A supply list will be sent to participants upon registration.

Deadline for registration: September 17, 2018
(Workshop must have a minimum of 13 students to go forward)

Cancellation policy: Refunds will only be made for cancellations if the remaining registration exceeds the minimum participant requirement for the workshop.

General Information:
Once registration is finalized, Ruby will contact all students via email with a short questionnaire to determine weaving background, personal warping method, interests and what loom and reed they’ll be bringing to the workshop.

  • Warp structures and yardage amounts will be determined and assignments made when ALL participants have responded to the questionnaire
  • Drafts are assigned according to participant’s equipment and experience
  • A custom-wound warp (based on the info provided by each student) will be sent to each person approximately 2–4 weeks prior to the workshop
  • Instructor is available for troubleshooting (via email or phone contact) prior to workshop
  • Workshops are round-robin configuration (closely monitored by Ruby to avoid common pitfalls!)

For more information: Contact Ellen LaBruce at or 707-938-1993